Fighting For Your Family

February 12, 2019

Pastor Greg preaches part 2 of the Series "We Will Build Strong Families."


Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

January 28, 2019

Pastor Greg preaches part 4 of the series "We Will Be Powerful in Prayer." 


Unexpected Adventures

January 21, 2019

Rev. Doug Clay, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God speaks to The Assembly during the series "Powerful in Prayer." 


Powerful in Prayer Part 2

January 15, 2019

The Power of Personal Prayer

January 7, 2019

Pastor Greg preaches part 1 of the series Powerful in Prayer. The Assembly has a core value that states "We will be powerful in prayer." Pastor Greg shares how every person has the potential to be powerful in prayer. 


How to be Led By The Spirit

December 31, 2018

Pastor Greg teaches from the series "Greatest Christmas Ever." Part 4


The Best Christmas Ever Week 1

December 6, 2018

God Never Overlooks a Heart Committed to Him. 


Give Up The Drama

November 26, 2018

Pastor Greg teaches that "Repeated Drama is evidence of an unsurrendered life."